Yuri Malkov (Russia)

My name is Yuri Malkov. I was born and lived in Moscow. At a time when I was young, rock music was almost prohibited in Soviet Union. And for the school boys like us a tape recorder was the most valuable thing in our life. We were re-recording concerts and albums of rock music from one tape to another and we were so happy sitting in the kitchen and listening to Deep Purple “Smoke on the Water” or “Child in Time”. That was our only window to the outer world and we were growing on it. I carry on this wonderful feeling through all my life, and I’m thankful to Deep Purple for this experience.

I’m not an artist but I love doing digital “paintings” on my iPad.  I really like making portraits of my favorite rock music stars and Deep Purple is on the top in my collection.  Because I was a bit successful in my artistic hobby I was asked by my followers to make tutorials on my “painting techniques”, which I published on my website - see below.

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