Roger Glover (United Kingdom)

Roger Glover is of course Deep Purple’s bassplayer, but he is an artist as well, doing drawing, painting and photography. We have some prints from our earlier exhibition (his first) of Roger’s art work in 2010. Not everything was sold and now you can see some prints for the second time and you will have another, last chance to buy these prints. Roger will donate the proceeds to three different charity organisations (KiK Krebsberatung in Köln, Gulliver Überlebensstation für Obdachlose, Ambulanter Kinderhospizdienst Köln).








To see during our exhibition - Roger´s bass-guirtars from 1972 - 1990 (never showed before):

Roger´s original paintings from the 60th until 2017 (never showed before):

To see and to buy during our exhibition:

Roger had spend the suitcase for our exhibition and wrote "Purchased in the 70s, it will contain a variety of memorabilia; many tee shirts, vinyl, CDs, many posters, photographs, tour programs, and backstage passes.


Current highest bid you´ll find on the Auktion/Auction site.

Paintings (last pieces of our Exhibition 2010):

You can buy his paintings (prints) for 250 Euro + shipping. Every print was signed by Roger Glover during his exhibition in Cologne 2010 (Roger spent all proceeds to three charity organisations). Click on the image and you can see the year, the size and how much we had printed. All his artwork-prints are limited (1-5 pieces only) and you can buy them from now on (please send us an email and you will get it by post). Minimum price 150,- Euro.  If you pay 250 Euro, you will get it direct after the exhibition per shipping.  Current highest bid: you find if you click on the painting.


Photos (warps, found art, corridors; last pieces of our Exhibition 2010):

Here you find the last photos of Roger Glover´s exhibition 2010 in Cologne. All photos are signed by himself during this opening.

The original price was 50 Euro for a photo. If you pay 50 Euro, you will get it direct after the exhibition per shipping.

Please send us an email with your offer for each painting.  Current highest bid: you find if you click on the photo. Minimum price  is 25,- Euro.

Roger spend the income to three social organisations.


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