Art-Exhibition, April 14 - May 12, 2018, Cologne, Germany

Art and History

50 years of

Deep Purple

Don Airey - Ian Gillan - Roger Glover - Steve Morse - Ian Paice

Ritchie Blackmore - Tommy Bolin - David Coverdale - Rod Evans - Glenn Hughes - Jon Lord - Joe Satriani - Nick Simper - Joe Lynn Turner




  • Roger Glover (UK)
  • Dany Babushkin (Bulgaria)
  • Katarina Dorch (Sweden)
  • Roswitha Geisler (Germany)
  • Miki de Goodaboom (France)
  • Matthias Laurenz Gräff (Austria)
  • Vladi Krafft (Germany) - thanks for all paintings above
  • Yury Malkov (Russia)
  • Peter Mück (Germany)
  • Rolf Nicolin (Germany)
  • Bodo Pfannebecker (Germany)


  • Igor Postash (Canada)
  • Margarete Rettkowski-Felten
  • Kirsten Rogoff (USA)
  • Tamary Stoneman (AUS)
  • Manfred Stoffer (Germany)
  • Wasabi (Japan)
  • Hubert Wichelmann (Germany)
  • Aaron Wong (Malaysia)
  • Evi Ivan (Germany)(to be confirmed)
  • and you?


  • Demon´s Eye
  • Whiteshake
  • 78Twins
  • Andreas Biehn
  • Martin Doepke & friends
  • Child in Time
  • and you?

You can buy most of the artworks of this website during the exhibition. Every month you´ll find more here

If you would like to be part of the exhibition, please let us know what you would like to show:

We are looking for everything about Deep Purple (and split goups), musicians, spinoffs etc.
Do you have old posters, tickets, shirts, newspapers, signed things, books, .... we like to fill up the exhibition with your items. We have an insurance and we will say thank you to you on this website (and personal). Please fill out the form and we will write you back soon.


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