Miki de Goodaboom (France)

I was born in the French Pyrenees in 1955. At 19 I moved to Goettingen, Germany, to pursue the study of mathematics and physics. After graduating I worked for many years in German heavy industry as a mathematician and consultant, until I moved to Spain, Andalucia, where I live now.

Art has increasingly been a part of my life for the last 20 years, and is now my full-time profession.
I am mainly self-taught, the reason being that it believe it to be the best way to develop a personal style. The ability of analysing and solving problems acquired during my long career as a mathematician always allows me to correct what needs to be corrected in my art. To sum it up: Mathematics is in fact my art teacher!

I love to paint everything, and in every technique, classical as well as digital, and also to mix them all. This is why my portfolio is so diverse. But I am particularly inspired by anything that conveys movement, such as sport, but also music. Living together with a passionate English Rock singer, bass player and songwriter for the last 10 years, music has become a very important part of my life and my art. “Painting the music” is certainly now one of my favourite artistic activities. I find musicians performing, singing or playing an instrument, extremely aesthetic and emotional. Musicians are the people in this world who seem to me the most passionate and intrinsically honest in what they do, and this is what I am trying to render in my artworks featuring them.


Deep Purple entered my life for the first time when I moved to Germany. In this era, the general public in France mainly knew The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. Deep Purple were huge in Germany in those days and I totally embraced their music, spending night after night wildly dancing to it. This certainly made me realise that there are other exciting things in life besides mathematics!



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