Tamara Stoneman (Australia)

I am an Australian artist and musician, who grew up in the small country town of Murwillumbah surrounded by the natural beauty of mountains and sugarcane fields.


Art and music have always been a huge part of my life. Having three older sisters who would often bring new albums home, one of my favourite things to do, as a child was to lie on the floor with headphones on listening to the rock music of the 1970’s. I was exposed to many different genres of music from Led Zepplin and Deep Purple to The Doobie Brothers and Steve Miller. My love for music and seeing live bands grew and I later married a musician (bass and guitar player) who shares my love for music and we have had four children together.

I play keyboard and sing vocals in a band with my husband David who is also a songwriter. Together with our drummer Morgan, we play original songs in a laid-back surf/folk rock style.


Having always enjoyed art at school, I moved from the country to the city of Sydney when I was 18, and studied fine art at The School Of Creative Arts. I lived in Sydney for 15 years before returning to the beautiful coastal area of Northern New South Wales, Australia.

I have exhibited my work at Henning International Galleries in Sydney, 109 Collective Art Exhibitions in Byron Bay and in several small local Galleries. Gift cards of my paintings are sold in several gift shops as well. I have painted in a variety of mediums including watercolour, pastel, oils and acrylic, more recently preferring the ease of acrylic.  I have a strong emotional connection to nature and to the ocean and that is reflected in the subjects I paint.


What Deep Purple Means To Me:


I rely on music very much when I am painting. There are certain styles of music that help me more than others. There is a point for me when I’m painting when I stop thinking with my mind and begin to flow, and I really feel as though I’m allowing my true self to be expressed. I call it getting in ‘The Zone’.  I find this especially when I’m painting waves.

The music of Deep Purple has helped me get into ‘The Zone’ so often while I’m painting as I get carried along on a journey with the music and the colours on my brush. I love the free flowing instrumental components of some of the songs, which can build up to a powerful, fast paced crescendo. “Child in Time” for me epitomises this kind of journey. My wave painting;“The Blue Zone” is an example of a painting done while listening to ‘Burn’, ‘Machine Head’, ‘Made In Japan’ and ‘Deep Purple In Rock’ over the course of many hours. 

I wanted to honour and pay tribute to them for the way their music has helped me with my art and so I painted a purple wave and called it “Deep Purple”.


Ralf Schmidt noticed the Deep Purple painting on my Facebook Page recently, and asked if I would like to be part of this exhibition. As one who finds art and music to be so intrinsically intertwined, I am thrilled to be part of an exhibition celebrating 50 years of Deep Purple.



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