Katarina Dorch (Sweden)

My name is Katarina and I grow up in an artist family here in Sweden. 
I was accepted in an art school in London and I have attended to several workshops in calligraphy.
I paint in aquarelle and gouache but I also combination with calligraphy, for me the calligraphy becomes a part of the painting. I had an exhibition in Oslo City Hall 2008 with 9 other artists. 
My thoughts about Deep Purple is:
"When I was 10 years old my older sister and brother played Deep Purple´s "Fireball" I remember they saying Oh what a speedy cool music and I have went to many concerts since then.
In 2009 I had the honour and joy to make calligraphy for Mr. Ian Gillan´s CD "One eye to Morrocco" which I will never forget.
Their music is such a quality and innovative as the old classic masters, that their music will live forever."

Allgemein: It is not allowed to show her works after the end of the exhibition :-(

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