Matthias Laurenz Gräff (Austria)

Matthias Laurenz Gräff (born July 19, 1984 in Austria)

Academic painter


2002-08 Study in the Masterclass for Painting at the University for applied Art in Vienna, Austria

Over 40 exhibitions, participations and presentations in museums, galleries, companies and institutes

Work in public possession in Ausria, Germany and Greece


My connection to the music of Deep Purple has existed since the year 1997, when I heard the song Highway Star for the first time. It was a piece like  from another world, with unsuspected dynamic, structure, speed, and also classical elements.  Some years later albums like Concerto for Group and Orchestra and Made in Japan, as well as songs like Child in Time and Black Night, finally led me to the music of Deep Purple.


In 2015 I met founder member Nick Simper (bass guitar on the first three albums 1968/69) in Vienna, on the occasion of an artist talk with presentation of a painting to, and a subsequent concert of, the musicians of his current band Nick Simper & Nasty Habits.



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