You are an artist?

If you are an artist and would like to take part in the exhibition, that would be great. We only need your art works for 4 weeks in 2018, insurance included. You can send us originals or prints and if we can sell it for you, you get 100 % of the proceeds. You can come to Cologne in person, and of course you will be invited for the opening, but we can als0 organize everything by mail.


If you’re interested, please send us an email with a text about yourself, your art and your feelings about Deep Purple,  and images of some of your art works, so that we can put that on our website. We can also add links to your website, Facebook page or other pages you might have about your work. Concrete arrangements we can fix in 2017. We would be proud, if you like this idea and if you would do this exhibition with us and Deep Purple.

These fans and friends are supporting the exhibition:



The exhibition will also present various things from Deep Purple fans and friends, like art works, posters, books, mugs, special things and much more. Please tell us, what you would like to show from Deep Purple or split groups/ex members. Please send us your items 4 weeks before the exhibition starts - around March 2018. Please send them to Cologne by mail, deliver them yourself or bring them with you to the opening. Thank you very much.


  • Ralf Schmidt: newspapers, mugs, tour books, a vibrator and the one and only signed tour poster with all SIX Purple members from one concert.
  • Martin Rieck-Althaus: Print of Roger Glover´s painting from 1964 with original autograph - also a DP-Football-Shirt
  • Esther Bässler: Poster with original autographs of the DP-Exhibition in Cologne 2010
  • Angelika Urra: Print of Roger Glover´s painting "The Sweet" with original autograph
  • Edgar Naujocks: Original painting of Roger Glover by Evi Ivan
  • Tim Sinzerich: Poster 1973, Pop-Magazin with all 5 original autographs and a funny note from David Coverdale
  • Harald Meeßen: Photo-Artwork-Print
  • Denis Zürcher: Royal-Albert-Hall-Poster and Infinite-canvas, both with all 5 original autographs
  • Michael Matuszak: Eine riesige Sammlung von Eintrittskarten von 1974 bis 2017
  • Michael Hammerschmidt: Ritchie Blackmore Painting
  • Richard Friedrich: Jeans-Hemd, Deep Purple Boing Bausatzteile, LP Deep Purple Live in Verona
  • Luzia Ommer: Auf ein Bierchen mit Roger Glover und Mario Argandona
  • Detlef Tiggemann: Rare Deep Purple-Singels
  • You: here you can find your name if you bring something to the exhibition.

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We are looking for everything about Deep Purple, musicians, spinoffs etc. Do you have old posters, tickets, shirts, newspapers, signed things, books, .... we like to fill up the exhibition with your items. We have an insurance and we will say thank you to

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Special thanks to Detlef Tiggemann for very rare singles:

Special thanks to Denis Zürcher for a rare metal-shield, concert-posters and specials:

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